Dr. Craig Paukert


  • Ph.D., 2001, South Dakota State University

    M.S., 1998, Oklahoma State University

    B.S., 1993, University of Minnesota

Research Summary

  • • Paukert's research focuses on meeting the needs of the cooperators of the Missouri Cooperative Research Unit. These needs have primarily focused on conservation and management of large river fishes, stream fish conservation at the local and landscape scale, and management of sport fishes in rivers and reservoirs. Much of his recent research has involved endangered and other native river and stream fishes in the Midwest and Southwest. Most of the research is applied and answers questions relevant to conservation and management agencies.

    • Current projects that Paukert, his students and post-docs are working on include 1) effects of climate change on inland fish and fish habitat from local, regional, and global scales, 2) conservation and management of stream and river fishes, 3) identifying the effects of altered stream flow on fishes, 4) developing of scientifcally-defensible sampling strategies and protocols to guide multiple management decisions.

    • Paukert's research often is in collaboration with other scientists and agencies. Recent collaborations have included other academic institutions and departments (University of Washington, Michigan State, University of Nebraska, Oklahoma State University,) federal (US Geological Survey, US Fish and Wildlife Service, National Park Service, US Bureau of Reclamation) and state/provincial (Missouri Department of Conservation and Department of Natural Resources [DNR], Michigan DNR, Wisconsin DNR, Minnesota DNR) agencies, and international organizations (Chinese Academy of Sciences).